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Platform Independent CAD Viewing and Collaboration

CADViewer JS

CADViewer JS is our core viewer and visualization component using SVG and JavaScript to display and manipulate CAD Drawings. CADViewer JS integrates with All browsers on All Platforms, including the mobile platforms Android and iOS (iPhone).

If you need CAD viewing and API driven dynamic interaction with graphics on any platform either on Premise or on a Cloud Installation, CADViewer is your choice!

Why CADViewer

CADViewer lower admin costs significantly and is a solution that can migrate over operating systems. It integrates with solutions for industries as diverse as ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, CAD/CAM, Document Management, Content Management and Process Workflow.

Great Platforms Support

CADViewer JS can integrate with applications using PHP, Servlets, ASP.NET and Nodejs with Angular or Ionic. Please see the functional overview, browse the API or Download .

Extensive Format Support

CADViewer JS supports the following formats: W3C Web SVG and SVGZ, AutoCAD DWG,DXF and DWF, MicroStation DGN, Adobe PDF and bitmaps PNG, JPG, GIF and TIFF, see Supported Formats.

Integrate CADViewer

If you like to integrate CADViewer or use CADViewer in some of our extensive partner applications, go to our Partners section or Download and integrate CADViewer with you own framework.

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Sample CADViewer Applications

CADViewer works with your Appplication

CADViewer is tailored to either be integrated in applications or used as a distributed CAD Viewer and Collaboration tool that directly displays drawings on-the-fly on any web-browser.

Try CADViewer

You can upload and test your own W3C Web SVG and SVGZ, AutoCAD DWG/DXF/DWF, MicroStation DGN, Adobe PDF and bitmaps PNG/JPG/GIF files online directly with CADViewer JS.

View a sample SVGZ file with classic icon skin

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Open a sample Redlining and Markup file.

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Test PNG bitmap viewing with classic icon skin.

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Use these samples as a foundation to build you own use-cases based on the CADViewer JS full API.
If you need extension functionality added to the library , please contact us.

Dynamic Highlight

Our AutoXchange AX2020 converter can automatically combine tags and geometries into logical objects on a drawing. Furthermore, CADViewer JS has an interface to create graphical objects for dynamic interaction. Learn about processing of room polygons on a drawing, enabling dynamic highlight and interaction of graphical objects.

See an online dynamic highlight sample, where the CADViewer JS API controls highlight and space object labels and hatching.

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Please check out the sample implementation using CADViewer JS to dynamic highlight locations and sensor cones based on senser readings of Occupancy, Temperature, Power and Light Level

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Advanced API

The CADViewer API allows developers to control objects in drawings via either JavaScript or Java, enabling visual interaction between the user and content in drawings. See the Support Section for details.

Support for DWG/DXF, DGN, HP-GL/2 and PDF/AI

CADViewer provides server-side support for Microstation DGN, AutoCAD DWG/DXF, Adobe PDF/Postscript/AI and Hewlett-Packard HP-GL/2 on Windows, Linux and other Unix flavours along with a large number of bitmap formats.

Format Fidelity

We strive for the highest level of format fidelity possible. CADViewer was the first and is the best CAD viewer and mark-up application on the market.

Try CADViewer Online

You can upload and test your own AutoCAD DWG/DXF/DWF, MicroStation DGN/PCF, W3C Web SVG/SVGZ, Adobe PDF and bitmaps PNG/JPG/GIF files online directly with CADViewer JS.

CADViewer JS Demos

Success Stories

Tailor Made Software has a solid base of satisfied customers in a very diverse set of industries. They all have in common the need to integrate into their business processes, either advanced file conversion and data extraction solutions or visualization and collaboration tools for CAD data.

Featured Products

Our conversion software AutoXchange AX2020 is designed for on-demand or high volume processing of AutoCAD DWG, DXF and DWF files. AutoXchange converts to a wide array of vector, raster and Web-ready formats

CADViewer Java DWF class library integrates as a core visualization component within any business workflow or solution that requires advanced AutoCAD drawing interaction, see customer use-case.

Seach Engine Integration

We now have a full REST API to index, extract and visualize corporate CAD Data. Please contact us for more information and how to obtain trial versions. Do read more about the back-end supporting technologies.