Platform Independent CAD Viewing and Collaboration

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If you need CAD viewing and API driven dynamic interaction with graphics on any platform either on Premise or on a Cloud Installation, CADViewer is your choice!

The CADViewer product line consists of CADViewer Enterprise and CADViewer Pro.

CADViewer Pro is our core viewer and visualization component using SVG and JavaScript to display and manipulate CAD Drawings. CADViewer Pro integrates with All browsers on All Platforms, including the mobile platforms Android and iOS (iPhone).

CADViewer Enterprise integrates CADViewer Pro with our back-end state of the art CAD Converters for full display of multiple CAD packages. Learn more about our CAD Tool Suite.

Why CADViewer?

CADViewer lower admin costs significantly and is a solution that can migrate over operating systems. It integrates with solutions for industries as diverse as ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, CAD/CAM, Document Management, Content Management and Process Workflow.

Great Platforms Support

CADViewer can integrate with applications using PHP, Servlets, ASP.NET and Nodejs, as well as Angular or Ionic. Please use our Tech Docs, to install and work with CADViewer. You can also, browse the API, download CADViewer or look at the baseline functional overview.

Extensive Format Support

CADViewer supports the following formats: W3C Web SVG and SVGZ, AutoCAD DWG,DXF and DWF, MicroStation DGN, Adobe PDF and bitmaps PNG, JPG, GIF and TIFF, see Supported Formats.

Integrate CADViewer

If you like to integrate CADViewer, simply download CADViewer and use our Techical Resources to integrate CADViewer with your own framework. If you already have a Document or File Management specific platform, you can alternatively use CADViewer in some of our extensive partner applications, please go to our Partners section to see a selection.

Try CADViewer Online

CADViewer works with your Application

CADViewer is tailored to either be integrated in applications or used as a distributed CAD Viewer and Collaboration tool
that directly displays drawings on-the-fly on any web-browser.

Please try out a selection of our applications from our online gallery below:


Open a sample Redlining and Markup file.

Compare Drawings

Load two drawings overlaid to expose differencies.


Enable dynamic interactive highlight with the API.


Advanced Sensor Readings pulled from an online Lighting System.

Document Management

CADViewer integrated with Document Management Systems.

SQL/IBM Maximo

Querying IBM Maximo using Rest API and displaying workorder locations.

Title Blocks

Dynamic Modification of a Title Block for PDF Output using JSON.

Office 365 | SharePoint

Connecting through Rest API and display and annotate CAD Data.

DB2/IBM Tririga

Connecting to IBM Tririga to populate hotspots from an IBM DB2

Cloud Platforms

Connectors to the biggest open source Cloud Platforms

PDF Output Controls

Dynamic Modification of Inline Text Strings for PDF Output using JSON.

File Management

CADViewer integrated in File Management platforms.


Test PNG bitmap viewing with classic icon skin.


View a sample SVGZ file with classic icon skin

Interactive Icons

Insert SVG Icons in Drawings and API interact with HVAC, WiFi, Sensors, etc.

Success Stories

Tailor Made Software has a solid base of satisfied customers in a very diverse set of industries.
They all have in common the need to integrate into their business processes, either advanced file conversion and data extraction solutions or visualization and collaboration tools for CAD data.

Meet some of our Customers

Format Fidelity

We strive for the highest level of format fidelity possible. CADViewer was the first and is the best CAD Viewer and mark-up application on the market.

We have refined our algorithms over the years to produce the highest quality output in the least time possible and the smallest output file size,
thereby making CADViewer the fastest CAD Viewer around.