CADViewer JS

Mobile platform viewing and interacation is made possible with CADViewer JS.

CADViewer JS is designed to integrate with applications that needs dynamic interaction with drawing content on mobile devices, based on either iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows Phone OS.

No Plug-in Software is required, the software runs through the device's web-browser and dynaically loads up all libraries needed for the visualization.

More Information

Contact us on to get access to CADViewer JS demos and additional product information.

CADViewer product family

CADViewer is available in three standard versions: CADViewer Pro for DWF viewing and graphical interaction, CADViewer Enterprise for advanced CAD format collaboration, and CADViewer JS for CAD viewing and graphical interaction on devices.

To provide users with flexibility, CADViewer is structured so that any method in the icon interface can be enabled and disabled via configuration files.

The CADViewer Java/JavaScript API is continuously being developed and new methods added based on user specific requirements, additionally providing customers users with even more freedom to select a personal level of interaction.

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